Whether it be mansions, quality housing, social housing or apartments, residential developments play a major part in our everyday lives. We spend more time in them than anywhere else hence the importance of good design, sustainability, and life-cycle costs.

Long gone are the days when energy usage was of little consequence such that servicing a building was relatively simple. Now it is a highly complex issue with many options and regulations combining to make services a major element of the overall design process. With the growth of heat pump technology, solar power for both water heating and electrical generation and waste and rainwater recovery, to name but just a few, the job of the designer has become far more critical to the success of any development.

Attention to passive design features, as well as consideration of the recommendations of the Code for Sustainable Homes and Part L of the Building Regulations further contribute to the reduction in the environmental impact and operational costs of the dwelling over the period of its lifespan.

Applied Energy can rightly claim to have been involved with every type of residential development, both at home and abroad, incorporating technologies most suited to the prevailing climatic and environmental conditions and the specific requirements of the particular development type.