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Auditoria & Theatres

The long established Intellectual Property (IP) of Sandy Brown (Mechanical) led by Len Fuller was vested into Applied Energy in 2014. Sandy Brown (Mechanical) was spawned from the Sandy Brown Acoustics which has a legendary reputation for being at the forefront of building acoustics and are recognised experts in the acoustic design of studios, auditoria and performance spaces.

Providing the required mechanical services to complement wonderful places of public assembly with excellent acoustic facilities requires experience and a sympathetic approach to successfully harmonise the MEP requirements with the primary functions of the building. This has lead to huge track record of past projects which can be drawn upon including:


  • IEE Conference Centre

  • Royal Scottish School of Music/Drama

  • St David's Concert Hall Cardiff


  • Aberdeen Musical Theatre

  • Her Majesty's Theatre

  • Walpole Theatre

  • Wimbledon Theatre

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