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Durability and reliability are probably the key components in a design brief for an educational establishment, be it a school or a university. Nowhere else can services be exposed to the type of continuous and sustained assault as here.

That said, the need for a reasonable level of comfort, compliance with a plethora of regulations and achievement of sustainability and energy conservation are no less mandatory than in any other modern building.

We have been involved in a number of educational projects including new-build designs for all types of school building together with associated energy studies and conservation measures, all resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

We have improved teaching areas, refurbished existing and designed new sports halls, and provided improved ancillary areas. In most instances we have been able to provide the educational clients with support to improve other areas of the existing establishment through the process.

Some of our previous commissions include the following:

  • Edge Grove School

  • Coventry University

  • Havant School

  • Pangbourne College

  • Queen Mary University Hospital

  • Royal Kent School

  • Staines Prep School

  • University of Arts London

  • University of Surrey

  • Yattenden School

  • de Stafford School

  • Woking School

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