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These buildings can be enormous warehouses where loading bays are open in all weathers, or process and manufacturing plants where electrical distribution to drive machinery may well be the critical issue.

In common they all need to meet the statutory regulations but beyond that the extent and type of service provision to be made will very much depend on the proposed usage. Account also needs to be taken of risk mitigation and the necessity for security of operation by the provision of in-built redundancy.

We have the experience and ability to properly analyse the peculiarities of each building and the expectations of its owner or user, to understand their particular requirements and their attitude to risk and to develop solutions that satisfy these in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

We were part of the design team for the design of the new build Rotisserie for Costa where we were able to achieve BREEAM Outstanding for this development.

Our experience extends to pharmaceutical buildings which require specialist considerations such as, clean process lines, specialist ventilation services as provided for example to TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Eastbourne

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