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Museums & Historic Buildings

Comfort, noise, visual impact and exhibit protection are the most important criteria to be considered when designing services for a museum or cultural facility. Visitors need to feel comfortable. They need a silent environment at a reasonable temperature otherwise their visit will not be enjoyable. And without effective lighting, their experience may well be comprised. Sometimes humidity control is necessary to protect the exhibits. Large fluctuations in occupancy can present specific challenges to the design.

So, unlike in most types of development, certain other technical issues present themselves: noise control, humidity control, display lighting and audio-visual provisions, to name but a few. And, of course, compliance with all the regulations relating to life safety in public areas.

We combine technical skills and close working practices with Architects, Designers and specialist vendors to ensure that spaces and facilities perform to the expectations of the visitors and the exhibits are protected and displayed to their very best advantage.

Discerning visitors will also appreciate the green credentials that come with a properly designed facility – a marketing opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Some of our previous commissions include the following:

  • Natural History Museum

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