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Both private and public healthcare facilities present a number of challenges, not least of which are working within the guidelines of the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) and Health Building Notes (HBN).

In addition to having experience of compliance with these requirements, We have extensive technical knowledge associated with all the service provisions necessary for the day-to-day workings of a health facility and appreciates the need for installations to the very highest standards.

We have been instrumental in researching and developing sustainable, low energy solutions and adapting these, where appropriate, to the particular needs of this type of building.

Of course, user comfort is important but no more so than all the technical provisions associated with piped services, waste disposal, specialised ventilation and electrical distribution. Operating theatres alone with their complexity of services present major challenges for the designer. It is in this type of environment that we really do excel.

Some of our previous commissions include the following:

  • Mid Sussex General District Hosptial

  • Moorfields Eye Hospital

  • Cayton Street Clinic

  • Fryer House

  • St Mary's Hopsital

  • West Sussex Trust Horsham Hospital

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