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Infrastructure includes the facilities, systems, sites, information, networks and processes, necessary for a country, city or building to function and upon which daily life depends.  With the ever increasing strain on the utility networks, the requirement for infrastructure upgrades is ever more required.

Properly designed infrastructure ensures that energy, water and communications are delivered and waste subsequently disposed of. All must be reliable, efficient and sustainable and compliant with the requirements of the numerous regulatory and statutory bodies involved.

We have experience working on substations with UKPN, including the iconic and award winning Kings Yard as part of the Olympic works. We were also involved in replacing overhead power cables with below ground distribution via tunnels to enable the development of Stratford in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Applied Energy becomes involved at the earliest possible stage of a project so as to ensure maximum benefit can be gained from their particular expertise in this important area.

Applied Energy have been commissioned for over 20 years by the following, Area Electricity Boards (AEBs), Regional Electricity Companies (RECs) and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).


Some of our previous substation projects include the following:

Some of our previous tunnel projects for the above include the following:

  • Islington Tunnel

  • Holloway Road Tunnel 

  • Lodge Road Tunnel 

  • Moorfields Back Hill Tunnel 

  • Deptford Tunnel

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