Leisure centres, sports facilities, swimming pools, restaurants and exhibition centres are all developments where Applied Energy has been able to demonstrate experience and knowledge in resolving the particular technical challenges presented.

Such types of facility have, traditionally and by their very nature, been enormous users, and wasters, of energy. High demands for hot water, ventilation and lighting are common to all and have more recently presented opportunities for the employment of many interesting initiatives associated with energy use reduction. Virtually every type of initiative has a part to play somewhere in this type of development and the skills needed to effectively analyse and assess all the options and propose accordingly is something Applied Energy has and regularly makes available to the building owner or user.

Leisure developments can benefit from the complementary incorporation of several different technologies working alongside each other. The trick is to ensure that the mix of technologies is not only right for the building but also presents the best combinations for ensuring cost effective sustainability, comfort control and operational costs. This is precisely what Applied Energy does.