Applied Energy has extensive experience of the hospitality business having worked with hotel groups across the United Kingdom and overseas for many years and on many projects. Applied Energy has been responsible for researching and developing many comfort and energy saving initiatives, several of which have now been replicated in hotels around the world.

Customer experience is of paramount importance to the success and well-being of the hotel environment. The more attractive the aesthetics, comfort levels and facilities, the greater the occupancy and resultant profitability, not to mention the reinforcement of brand image. But that's not all, demanding regulatory frameworks need to be factored in to the designs, and taken advantage of where possible. Compliance with stringent planning demands needs careful consideration. Restrictive sites demand particular attention with regards to space planning and this affects equipment choices and requires close co-operation with all members of design teams and statutory bodies.

Applied Energy brings to a project the skills necessary to transform these ideals into reality by the development of design strategies, system and product selection and their application. Applied Energy is supported by the latest information technology essential in establishing the relative merits and cost effectiveness of the many options always available.

Hotels, consume large amounts of energy, by minimising energy usage through the application of modern technologies, both birds are killed with one stone! Add to this the potential for water saving, re-cycling and initiatives with lighting and control and the owner is presented with a win-win situation in terms of cost, carbon savings and marketing benefits.