Good lighting is an essential element of any environment and whether it be an hotel, an office building or school the requirement for good, environmentally friendly lighting cannot be over stated. Lighting should not just be functional. With the correct selection of fittings, in the correct locations, and with the correct control, fantastic results can be achieved. The chapel setting in the picture on the right demonstrates how good lighting, in this case with non-visible fittings, can bring the best of a space. In this picture just one lighting scheme is displayed. In practice there are a large number of different lighting schemes that can be centrally selected to create different moods to suit the chapel users preference.

Applied Energy offers the skills necessary to meet every requirement, be it wholly functional, needed for display purposes or to create colourful and changeable mood settings. The interpretation of a client’s aspirations is a major element of the design process offered by Applied Energy.

Applied Energy can design lighting systems to meet every requirement including:

  • Establishing an understanding of client requirements and aspirations
  • Incorporation of statutory and industry standard performance criteria
  • Selection of suitable equipment with the emphasis on both performance and energy efficiency
  • Integration of sophisticated lighting control systems
  • Incorporation of life safety lighting facilities