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Montoring Roles

The complexity of modern building services and their critical importance to the successful delivery of a modern building means that the tender design Building Services Consultant is best retained in a monitoring role by the Employer in order to properly protect the Employer’s technical and commercial interests.


Applied Energy will provide technical support to the Project Quantity Surveyors in determining value for money from a technical standpoint such that the project QS can determine and administer valuations and final account.


Applied Energy will monitor contractor’s design development and report to the project managers accordingly. At appropriate times within the design/construction stages of the project, Regular site attendance is carried out to review the contractors progress on site and construction quality. 

The successful implementation of building services systems relies on effective commissioning of the equipment being installed by the contractor. In many cases this requires a phased process of partial commissioning, in addition to final commissioning. Applied Energy will carry out specific spot checks will be carried out on selected systems in order to establish confidence in the contractors’ commissioning results and report to the Employer accordingly.

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