This, is where Applied Energy really excels; In introducing real and effective energy efficiency opportunities to the field of general mechanical, electrical and public health services, examples of which can be found under the Projects section of this website, Applied Energy has made a major contribution not only to the driving down of energy costs but also the resultant contributions to carbon reductions.

Applied Energy takes the view that engineering majoring on energy efficiency represents the most cost effective way of achieving environmental emissions reductions and in so doing has developed a very significant track record in delivering real and identifiable savings in both cost and emission terms.

Applied Energy has both simple and sophisticated auditing techniques to track, demonstrate and record the savings delivered as a result of their commitment to such important environmental issues.

Applied Energy offers clients the following services related specifically to the reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions:

  • Energy Surveys
  • Data Analysis
  • Metric Audits
  • Watchdog And Monitoring Services
  • Energy Efficiency Measures Implementation Support
  • CHP Performance Evaluation