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Swimming Pools

We can provide total engineering solutions comprising both air-side and water-side services to all types and size of swimming pool be they within local authority leisure facilities, hotel leisure clubs or at private and domestic locations.


Experience suggests that swimming pool installations can be notoriously problematical, suffering from a wide range of problems not limited to poor environmental conditions, high energy usage, premature plant failure, water quality issues and fabric damage. Commonly, solving these problems requires a holistic approach, with a wide ranging level of experience covering a number of specific specialist areas.

We take a holistic approach to such issues by offering the following functions:

  • Assessment of Optimum Environmental Conditions

  • Air-side and Water-side Surveys

  • Heating Plant Assessment

  • De-humidification Requirements

  • Fabric Protection

  • Air Distribution Plant Assessment

  • Energy Monitoring

  • Air-side and Water-side Services Design

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