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Forensics & Disputes

With the continuous growth of new safety related legislation coming in to effect and the consequent demands being placed on litigants, the requirement for well informed and effective expert witnesses has never been so great.


Likewise the increasing sophistication and complexity of engineering services resulting from the necessity for meeting energy targets can often result in systems not performing to design or standard thereby presenting the inevitable opportunities for litigation.

The increase in “Alternative Dispute Resolutions” requires the early gathering of facts to curtail continuing litigation and ensure that an appropriate resolution can be struck at minimum cost. We have the requisite expertise to provide legal professionals with such essential technical support services.


We can and do:


  • Get to Grips With The Headline Technical Issues

  • Provide a Laymans Understanding of Technical Jargon

  • Develop the Technical Basis of the Case

  • Present Expert Witness Reports

  • Appear in Court

  • Provide Whatever Other Support May Become Necessary During Any Proceedings

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