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Combined Heat & Power


Combined Heat & Power Systems have been around for a long time and their benefits are well known. It is surprising, therefore, that so many remain poorly selected, applied and installed to the point where their benefits are seriously depleted and, in some cases, may also be detrimental to the overall energy profile of the client.


Applied Energy has been at the forefront of research into and subsequent strategy development for the design and application of these systems recognising that every individual requirement is different and based on a number of highly variable factors.


Understanding how these factors inter-relate to determine the selection and operational criteria for any particular installation is something Applied Energy happens to be very good at, explaining why they are credited with so many successful installations all around the country.


In short, correct selection and application is essential to ensure effective performance and this can only be achieved by painstaking investigations by highly experienced personnel into each individual requirement. This is precisely what Applied Energy does.


Applied Energy will produce effective solutions for the installation of CHP systems by:


  • Undertaking a detailed analysis of historical gas and electricity consumption records

  • Further witnessing current consumption figures over a period of time

  • Determining the predominant load as electricity or heat generation

  • Determining the most efficient capacity ratings

  • Undertaking physical site inspections to determine preferred locations and installation considerations

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